Monday, May 19, 2008

Writing away...

Well Alex and I are both writing at this point.  Since I ended up writing most of the story once Alex came up with the concept, much of the second film was planned out in quite a bit of detail by me, so Alex figured I might as well write the screenplay for it.  I'm a little rusty though since I haven't written anything in a long time, so he'll probably be going through and redoing a bunch of the dialogue.

I'm concentrating mostly on the sequence of action events and where everyone is and when, as these fights are pretty complex, especially when we're dealing with lots of apparating and series of spells that cause a multitude of effects.

We also came up with a new sequence with which to open the second film.  It'll provide some interesting backstory and also provide a gigantic "WOW factor."  I'm actually really excited to put the sequence together and can't wait to watch it with an audience.  I think it will be totally unexpected and provide the second film with just the thing we were looking for to distinguish it more from the first film, as well as set the darker tone from the very first moments.

Anyway, I'm actually further into the script for the second film than Alex is the first, including one of the two most tragic deaths, and I'm into the final showdown, which is too epic for me to attempt to write tonight.  I have the images in my mind and a couple key moments which are actually scenes from Alex vs Nate that were never shot, so I can't wait to put those in here.  I just need to sleep on it a bit to really figure out how it's all going to come together.

Going to be a long summer fantasizing about all this stuff we're writing.  Nothing gets shot until August...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

K, so I've spoiled a few tidbits

Yeah, so if you pay close attention to the picture being used on my films page, that's an excerpt from the actual, shit that won’t be cut or anything. I planned on keeping spoilers to a minimum (BTS and screenshots from one half of the film won’t see the tubes until the film is released), but I thought “what the hell.” We don’t have many images pertaining to the film yet other than Leigh and I screwing around with light effects at Alex’s dorm from the first night of previs and location scouting...and the picture above. What you’re seeing there is the view from the entrance to our location. This is M Street between 13th and 14th in downtown Lincoln. We’ll get to see plenty of this street toward the end of the second film, trust me ;)

I hate introductions...

So I’m not doing one. Just read and you’ll find out what I want you to know.